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Left Control Panel

DJ-BOT  responds to your direction using the left side panel.  Forward, back, right, and left — you decide where DJ Bot goes!

Center Control Panel

  • TRACK - follow an object

  • AVOID - avoid objects

  • COMPOSE - play musical scales by detecting motion.

  • CREATE - program your own routine.

Right Control Panel

Activate unique actions and facial expressions.  9 unique emotes come standard. Once familiar, use the create button to code your own!

Take Control

Watch DJ BOT go — learn the ins and outs of motion and emotion with DJ BOT.

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 Jokes & Music Panel

  • Get DJ to Tell Some Jokes!

  • Watch DJ Sync to Your Music. Works Just Like a Standard Bluetooth Speaker — Stream From Your Favorite Music Source!

Select a Joke!

  • DJ is a real joker — Over 30 Hilarious Jokes!

  • More Jokes Added With Each Update.

Time to Party!

DJ is the life of the party. A great dancer and a funny comedian! Stream your own music and sounds and watch DJ dance to your tunes.

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Programming meets the art of Dance

Make DJ a dance icon! By moving the sliders you program DJ’s legs and feet.

Become DJ’s choreographer — the possibilities are truly endless!


Coding Sliders

  • Legs - Control Leg Rotation

  • Feet - Adjust Foot Pitch

  • Duration - Change how long DJ holds a pose

  • Emotions for every step

Inspire & Create

Dance like a star — get DJ to dance any way you want. Become a choreographer with DJ as your student.